Arneg Osaka 3 Air System

Manufacturer: Arneg

Model: Osaka 3

Product Detail

Arneg Air System is the exclusive Arneg patent for closed vertical refrigerated cabinets. No more defrosting, 37% less energy consumption and constant food temperature are the advantages that make this technology a one-of-a-kind innovation.


Arneg Air System generates a unique air circulation within the refrigerated compartment that optimises the energy efficiency of the entire cabinet.
How does it do it?

Special, dynamic air blades ensure that the difference in temperature between the various food products on display never exceeds 2°C irrespective of operating conditions (M0, M1, M2).

Example: In a “standard” M0 class refrigerated cabinet, the temperature difference between the coldest products (-1°C) and the warmest (+4°C) can be as great as 5°C (a -1°C/+4°C differential). In a cabinet with Arneg Air System technology, this temperature difference never exceeds 2°C (a +2/+4°C differential).

This reduced excursion in temperature guarantees improved food preservation as well as significant energy savings.


• Energy saving: total energy consumption is reduced by up to 37% compared to equivalent standard models.
• No defrosting: cabinet evaporators never frost up thanks to a minimum evaporation temperature of 0°C (class M0).
• Healthier food products: since no defrosting is needed, food products are not subjected to fluctuation in temperature.

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