Chocolate Tap – ChocoHot One Dispenser

Manufacturer: ICB

Model: ChocoHot One Dispenser

Product Detail

ChocoHot One is a chocolate dispenser invented specifically for cake, ice cream and chocolate shops.ChocoHot One attracts the attention of customers thanks to its stylish design, and can be used to top ice cream cones and tubs, to fill cups with hot chocolate drinks, to make pretty decorations etc.
You can personalise ChocoHot One by choosing different nozzles, each with a distinctive effect.
The nozzle can be changed in just a few seconds, for a different chocolate impact, and to ensure clients have a varied and interesting experience in your shop.
ChocoHot One is encased in stainless steel with a pedal to control the chocolate flow, reversible and removable screw conveyor to make it easy to clean, changeable nozzles with different chocolate flow effects.

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