Merrychef E5

Manufacturer: Manitowoc

Model: E5

Product Detail

Merrychef is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of advanced cooking products. The company has been pioneering the use of accelerated cooking technologies since the 1950s – and still remains a leading innovator. The Merrychef eikon range has been designed to deliver restaurant-quality food in ‘fast food’ times. The best part is the ultra-simple operation of our icon-driven menus; ensuring that every customer receives every dish in exactly the same first-class quality, regardless of who prepares it.Looking to serve your guests high quality and intricate dishes including premium quality steaks, pastries and fish? Enjoy premium quality fast with the eikon e5. With its extra large capacity (2/3 GastroNorm), the e5 is perfect for simultaneous preparation of several dishes and/or side dishes. The eikon e5 is capable of high volume productivity whilst being 5x faster than traditional methods; the e5 is the best solution for larger restaurants, caterers and canteens.

Eikon e5 is the perfect solution for:

• Larger Restaurants and Snack Bars
• Pubs
• Bars
• Caterers
• Hotels
• Canteens/Food Counters

Eikon e5 is perfect for the following dishes:

• Lasagne
• Baked Potatoes
• Steaks
• Chicken Wings
• Salmon in Puff Pastry

Eikon e5 benefits:

• Simple operation with easyToUCH touchscreen control
• Up to 5x faster preparation times
• Extra large capacity 2/3 GN for simultaneous preparation of several dishes and side dishes
• Ventless option available









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