Taylor 370 Twin Frozen Beverage Machine

Manufacturer: Taylor

Model: 370

Product Detail

370 Frozen Beverage Freezer


• Dispense a variety of frozen beverages, such as granita drinks, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, iced coffees and slush. May also be operated in chilled drink mode.
• Removable Bowls – Clear bowls are marked with gallon and litre gradations. Each bowl holds 10 litres.
• Viscosity Control – Automatically shuts down refrigeration when product reaches desired thickness.
• Temperature Control – Adjustable thermostat allows the operator to use the unit in frozen or chilled drink mode.
• Beater – Single piece beater includes inner scraper Self Closing Draw Handles – Spring operated dispensing handles close automatically for self service application.
• Removable Drip Tray – Drip tray is easily removable for cleaning. Diaphragm plug in base of tray may be perforated to connect a drain line.
• Lighted Display – Domed covers are Lit. Set of five interchangeable flavour cards are included. May be positioned front or back depending on merchandising preference. No cord required.
• Defrost Timer – may be preset to automatically go into chilled drink mode during no sale periods.
• Condenser Filter – Improves ventilation for optimum performance by preventing dust from accumulating on the condenser(s). No tools are required to change or replace the washable filter.









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