Taylor 430 Frozen Beverage Machine

Manufacturer: Taylor

Model: 430

Product Detail

Vary your menu by offering American style thick shakes, fruit smoothies, frozen cocktails & ‘mocktails’, ‘iced coffee’s & frapaccinos and slush beverages. All served at the perfect level of thickness.


• Freezing cylinder – One, 3.8 litre
• Hourly production* (approximately)
• Thick Shake – 40.8 litres per hour
• Fruit Slush – 34.1 litres per hour
• Frozen Cocktail – 23.8 litres per hour
• Mix hopper – One, 13.2 litre. Fully refrigerated to maintain the mix below 5°C. Approved for both dairy and non-dairy products.
• Indicator lights – “Add Mix” light alerts the operator to add mix. When the “Mix Out” light flashes, the unit automatically shuts down to prevent accidental damage.
• Automatic consistency control – A specially designed viscosity control automatically maintains superior product quality. An adjustable control allows the operator to serve a wide variety of frozen beverages at the desired thickness.
• Optional feature – The 430 frozen beverage freezer is compatible with the FlavorBurst‚ syrup injection system (FB80s) allowing the operator to serve up to eight different flavours. (Requires additional FlavorBurst‚ unit)

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